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Liaison saves the NHS real money in three areas: Finance, HR and Estates.

Over two-thirds of the NHS already use our contingent based services, and we are the market leaders for NHS VAT; forensic cash recovery services and direct engagement services (STAFFflow) for the NHS.

The companies within the Liaison Group (Liaison; Liaison OneCall and Liaison Technology) work with more than 300 NHS clients, giving us an unrivalled insight into NHS finance and how the NHS spends its money.  

We deliver compliance on over £21bn of NHS expenditure, forensically review over 200 NHS organisations' payroll and accounts payable data and our workforce management services support trusts with a collective staff agency spend of over £150m.

This unique overview of NHS spending means we've grown our business by becoming proven pioneers and innovators, always finding new ways to save the NHS money.  We started 25 years ago as NHS VAT consultants, introduced forensic reviews in 2009 and STAFFflow in 2011 which is now live at over 40 trusts across the UK.  We introduced PFI, P21 and Utilities reviews in 2012, bringing our forensic review capabilities to these new areas.

Since 2012, Liaison has grown into a group of companies.  Liaison continues to offer two core services to the NHS: Workforce Management (helping the NHS control and reduce its spending on agency staffing) and VAT & Financial Management services.  We also have two additional companies providing services to the NHS and the wider public and commercial sector; Liaison OneCall and Liaison Technology. 

We also offer a technology salary sacrifice service through our Liaison OneCall company. Liaison OneCall is a technology benefit programme for the NHS; it is designed to allow NHS staff to acquire technology products, such as iPads, smart phones and TVs via salary sacrifice. The trust or board saves on national insurance and pension contributions and the employee also saves on these, plus income tax too. Click here for the Liaison OneCall website

In 2014, we acquired medical staffing technology firm 3 Blue Dots and formed a new SaaS company: Liaison Technology.  Liaison Technology offers a web based contingency staffing management application, supported by a wide range of services. All delivered as a bespoke solution to assist public and private organisations in reducing their demand on agencies. Find out more about what Liaison Technology can do here

To find out more about how we can help your NHS organisation with the range of services we offer, please browse our site using the links above or click below to get in touch.

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Cheryl Williams - Financial Accountant, Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Katya Hess - Financial Accountant, Bedford Hosital NHS Trust
Ray Thomas - Assistant Director of Finance
Mark Walsh - Assistant Director of Finance